(Schmoozing for Business & Personal Success!)

“Making conversation” & “working a room” are learned arts which
anyone can master for continued career & life advancement.
Increase your comfort level in any situation by learning to:

ENTER making a great first impression,
ENJOY functions whether you want to or not!
DEAL with Faux Pas,
NEGOTIATE a Tough Room,  
ESCAPE gracefully

Master the stage of life TODAY!

Available for individuals, small groups and corporate groups up to 25 participants.  Call Edie to explore options
that will help your individual needs.

"Edith, I owe a lot of my success in Sales & Marketing to
my theatre classes with you!  More importantly you
showed me that it was okay to be different, to think
independently and to take chances.  You are a gift to
anyone who has the pleasure of crossing your path."
Tara Smith, Mexico
International Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Motivational Trainer/Consultant
at Barnard Communications
(College Interview Skills see below!)
Learn tips to become a student at the college of YOUR choice!

        DRAMA & SONG
Learn dramatic success through improving your singing and acting skills and
HAVE FUN with people your own age!

Grades 5-8         Mondays 4-5 p.m.

Grades 9-12       Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.

Edith's studio is a magical space for teens to enjoy improving their singing
and acting skills.  Call Edith to learn when the next series of classes begin.  

Limited Enrollment.          Manifest your dreams NOW!
call +1 (309) 922 9058

"I drive one and one half hours each week to work with "Edie".  In
the seven  months I've worked with her my confidence, range and
singing skills have increased unbelievably.  I am now a lead in my
school's production of "Charlie Brown."
  Katie Frye, Delavan

"In the two years I've worked with Edie, I've begun to be part of
both community theater and my school's productions.  My singing
and drama and confidence have improved enormously."
Johnson, Dunlap

'Edie makes every class fun and I learn soooooooo much!"
Madeline Petty, Washburn

Check out my MUSIC website!

"Music is long enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is
not long enough
for music!"    Edith

"Find your voice, change your life."   Edith

"The shortest distance between two people is a
song." Edith    

"I enjoy driving Brianna to her
weekly singing & drama class.  
In the year she's worked with
Edith, she's gained so much
confidence and style."
Roberta Callery, Dunlap


Learn techniques to communicate your ideas, to gain and hold

IDENTIFY your personal presentation style, embrace it, and
use it to your fullest advantage (Style is being yourself on
HARNESS stage fright’s energy and use it to your advantage,
ORGANIZE a presentation with IMPACT and an innovative
ENJOY the theatre of life and have fun building your
confidence, selling your ideas and maintaining audience
attention (to an audience of one or one thousand!)
ATTRACT people & situations that create win/win dynamics
for all

Bedazzle your audience of 1 or 1000 with CONFIDENCE!

Seminar available for individuals at Edith's studio or
online globally through Skype or at your corporate
location for small groups and individuals.  Call Edith to
chat about possibilities!

"My work and life balance has improved since studying
with Edith.  I take joy in my work and now have a new
position at Caterpillar about which I'm really excited!"
Sarah Tomion, Peoria
edith@barnardcommunications.com  +1 (309) 922-9058
Peoria, IL 61612