Need focus, meaning and purpose in their lives
Want to connect with other, successful professionals more comfortably
Are brave enough to ask if their career is all they want out of life
Want to renew and get more from their current career
Aspire to be comfortable being who they are at home and at work
Are in transition between careers, relationships, roles or lifestyles
Are ready to put themselves first and create something new and fulfilling for
Have a dream they want to make a reality
Want to overcome self-limiting beliefs and patterns

SUCCESS COACHING gives people the gift of:

Moving out of your self-limiting comfort zone into a life of possibilities
Becoming excited about starting your day and living your life
Giving yourself permission to be joyful & knowing how to create it
Coping with stress and frustration and knowing how to transmute it and use it to
your advantage
Using your natural gifts on purpose
Wanting to get to work because you are doing what you love and loving what you do

For more info on EDITH BARNARD'S SUCCESS COACHING goal oriented process which supports the individual who has the courage to change and grow, please call Edith to
discuss your personalized program at +1 (309) 922-9058.

See below Peoria Journal Star article for information on "Edie's" popular class that always
has a waiting list.  She teaches this at Bradley, ICC and her "Woodland Studio." If you only
sing in the shower or in your car, sign up NOW!!

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If you think that
speaking is a way
to gain exposure
community, then
International Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Motivational
Edith Barnard, BA, MA
(+1) 309-922-9058