(How to Feel Comfortable on the Stage of Life)
                              HARNESS stage fright's energy & use it  to your advantage               
                                   COMMAND a powerful presence to 1 or 1000
                                   IDENTIFY your personal presentation style

                                   ATTRACT people & situations that create a
                                         win/win dynamic for all
                                   ORGANIZE a presentation with impact    
by  Edith Barnard
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"THE KING'S SPEECH" resonates with all of us who have ever struggled to "FIND
OUR VOICE."  We empathize with Bertie's struggle.  His inner battles remind us of
our own.
FINDING OUR VOICE is a journey of personal development.  Some of us fear
being coerced into a presentation situation, be it a wedding speech or the
company conference.  Perhaps we feel we have lost our figurative voice and can't
express our opinions or assert our truth.  Some are brought to a standstill by a
mortifying self-consciousness about a barely perceived impediment.  We identify
with Bertie's stammering as we stumble to express ourselves.  There is a
yearning at the center of the human heart to express oneself, to FIND OUR
VOICE and to express it in a powerful, potent and compelling way.  
It is not just at the physical level that we might be hesitant, but it is a good place
to start to reclaim our right to be heard.  Tongue-twisters may not be enough to
untie our tongues.  Beyond the physical mechanisms of speech, we might need to
examine the trickery of the mind that keeps us inhibited in our communication,
which silences us when and where we need to speak-- be it asking for a raise or
telling a teen that she can't use the car!
In "THE KING'S SPEECH", the role of the wise mentor is represented by Lionel
Logue, whose techniques, like those I have evolved in my many years of being a
Voice Coach, facilitate an extraordinary recovery by the king's mastery of his
voice. I am grateful for my coaching and theatrical background which helps my
clients, be they high school students interviewing for the college of their choice or
a corporate board chairman in charge of a merger, release the shackles of their
unique challenges to help them make empowered speeches to an audience of one
or one thousand.  

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